Doctors usually divide breast cancer into three categories.

3 types of breast

The details of the National Cancer Research Institute and the hospital's radiotherapy department assistant professor. Lubna Mary.

The first is a general category who have no risk.

The second is - that there is a BRCR1 gene mutation. If the mutation is positive for the mother or someone in the first blood, then it is genetic, meaning that the gene may be passed on to the daughter continuously. So it is called hereditary cancer.

The third is the average group of cancer. Those who do not have a mutation in their family or their genes are called the average-risk group.

A few basic things that apply to all cancers, as well as breast cancer. That is-

1. As soon as she becomes a woman, she can get breast cancer. It can happen at any age. However, age is an important factor.

2. This risk increases with age. For this reason, when the age increases, there is talk of spring. At a young age but not much is said about spring.

Now the risk factors that we can control are-

1. Excess weight. If we can control our weight then the risk will be reduced a lot. Not just breast cancer but many other cancers as well.

2. Second is to do some physical activity. Weight loss will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness.

3. Healthy food. Healthy food is very important. The main reason we have so many cancers is our eating habits. It can be seen that I am eating less vegetables and less fruits. Today's kids eat more and less. This creates a big risk factor.

There are other important risk factors, which are hormones. A lot of times women take the pill to have a baby, the pill is fine. But it should not be eaten for more than 5 years. Then a change may come in the body. Many women have stopped menstruating, which can lead to many side effects. For example, the head becomes hot, it feels very restless.

At this time doctors give some hormone replacement therapy. Another issue is breastfeeding. Mothers who have been breastfed have a lower risk factor.

This is why doctors usually say to breastfeed the baby and not to take these pills too much or not to eat for a long time. Controlling your own health or controlling excess weight. All women must lead a healthy lifestyle.

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