For that reason eat green apples Apple is quite a foreign fruit in our country Popular. Patients from daily breakfast diet- Apples are everywhere. Doctors say, one every day You go to the doctor after eating apples Not too much. Apples are usually two There are types, red and green. Green Apples have several qualities. Let's not know- The most important ingredient in green apples Hall fiber, which is abundant in green apples In quantity. This fiber ingredient in green apples To prevent any problem in our stomach Helps in the proper digestion process Helps to be. This fruit is a fiber ingredient Our body gets colon cancer Protects from, As a result, there is no harmful cholesterol, And as much as there is, the level is very low. Since Green apples are high in fiber There is a balance of cholesterol levels in the body Maintains. Green apples contain enzymes Ingredients that help digest food very quickly By Green apples contain flavonoids and polyphenols Which is an anti-oxidant ingredient. And The two components are the damage to our body's DNA Prevents and also prevent cancer. Green apples give energy to our body. One of the ingredients of green apple Carbohydrates which are very good for our body Beneficial. Especially those who play sports, They work hard to make a living Make sure to put green apples on the list. Green apples are any of the liver in our body Eliminates problems as well as the esophagus, Eliminates digestive tract and other duct problems. It also prevents diarrhea As well as eliminating the problem of constipation and arthritis And also eliminates the problem of indigestion. The organic acid content of green apples is our control appetite. So if your bar There is always the problem of hunger Then eat green apples to control appetite You can keep. Green apples are very good for our stomach Helps. Moreover green apples There is no harmful cholesterol in it Bad for our bodies. So you can safely diet green apples By eating.