Numerous individuals believe that coriander leaves are just used to improve the flavor of cooking. In any case, to conquer different medical issues, its pair is likewise reasonable. How about we investigate a portion of the medical advantages of coriander leaves from the present report that might be obscure to many. 

1) Coriander leaves are an extremely viable natural fixing to keep the liver solid. Eating a specific measure of coriander leaves consistently can assist you with dodging various liver issues. 

2) Coriander leaves are a successful homegrown fixing in the soundness of teeth and gums. Coriander leaves keep microscopic organisms from settling in the holes between the teeth. Thus, teeth and gums stay sound. 

3) Iron in coriander leaves forestalls weakness. 

4) Coriander leaves contain germ-free fixings that likewise help kill poisons in the body. Its antifungal and cancer prevention agent fixings help diminish the danger of different skin illnesses. 

5) Coriander leaves keep up the equalization of insulin in the blood and furthermore control the measure of sugar in the blood. 

6) Coriander leaves help in controlling the degree of cholesterol in the blood.